Retail Laundry

All our outlets (except Geylang unit 1A) are equipped with washer extractor of 11kg, 16kg, and 20kg. These big capacity machines are ideal for washing medium to extra large loads. Our machines are coin-operated and accept only Singapore $1 coins (except Geylang unit 1A).

All washers come with automatic detergent dosing system. The detergent we provide are imported from Germany is a powerful cleaning agent that works very well at low temperature, is less alkaline than normal household detergent and comes with disinfectant capability. Therefore customers can be assured that the wash loads are not only thoroughly cleaned, is also hygienically sterilized. This makes the washing machine clean and hygienic for the next customer.

Chemical Pumps

A coin changing vending machine is provided so that customers need not worry about not having enough coins for washing.

The washers have various wash programmes to cater to some special needs. For example, the 11 kg and 16 kg washers have an option of delicate wash program for sensitive items. It is programmed for gentle wash and lower spin.

There is also an option for Ozone Wash on the 11 kg and 16 kg washers. These machines have an Ozone Generator that creates Ozone to be dissolved in the incoming water. Ozone cleaning has a sterilizing effect and is proven to result in fresher wash (see more information on Ozone Wash page).

For the extra large capacity washers of 20 kg, there is an option of Hot Water. This option is needed for the heavier soiled linen.

Hot Water Heater

Dryers are the high performance 16 kg in capacity. With high heating capacity, the drying time is cut down tremendously, reducing the waiting time. The drums are all of stainless steel and are very good and hygienic for drying clothes.

The recommended dry times are as follows:

Load Capacity Price Time (mins)
Medium 11 kg S$4 to S$5 24 to 30
Large 16 kg S$6 to S$7 36 to 42
Extra Large 20 kg S$8 to S$9 48 to 56
Extra Large (Split) 10 kg S$4 24
10 kg S$4 24


Our unit in Geylang 1A are equipped with 5 units of 8 kg washers and 5 units of 8 kg dryers. Machines in this unit can accept Singapore coins 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents and $1.

Washing and drying are reasonably priced at S$4 per wash and S$4 per dry of 40 minutes. High efficiency detergent is automatically injected into the washer after the start button is activated. This detergent imported from Germany cleans much better, providing fresher results without the usual artificial perfume smell of household detergent. The dryers are of high efficiency commercial type machine that could dry an average load in 40 minutes (note: heavier and thicker linen may require a longer dry time), compared to 1 ½ hours needed on the household type dryer. Machines at Wonder Wash are sterilized every day to provide a high level of hygiene standard.

Route Business

Besides the retail laundry, we are also in the route business of placement of laundry machines in hostels, students’ and workers’ dormitories. Owners of these institutions do not have to invest in the purchase of laundry machines. We can place these machines in these premises and share with the owner the revenue collected.


Details of the franchise programme can be found under the Franchise tab. We are the distributor for the world renowned IPSO laundry machinery. The IPSO machines are known for their durability and are the best equipment to be used in the coin laundry.