Ozone Laundry Technology

Ozone (O3) is produced in nature by the ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun and by lightning. It is Ozone that creates a fresh and pleasant smell in the air, right after a thunderstorm. The same Ozone could be produced commercially using an Ozone Generator.

Used in the laundry, Ozone produced is dissolved into the water which greatly improves the quality of water.

Some of the benefits that user experience are:

  • Ozone washing is a powerful oxidizing, cleaning and bleaching agent
  • Linens are whiter, softer and smell better
  • Clothes are drier after washing and extraction
  • Ozone destroyed bacteria and inactivates virus and cysts. (American EPA and FDA have acknowledged that Ozone is capable of reducing pathogenic bacteria levels on garment by 99.992%)
  • Due to its excellent cleaning capability, the usage of bleach and hot water are eliminated, thus the life of your garment is often increased.
  • Ozone is very reactive and is nature own way of destroying pollutants and cleaning up the atmosphere. It is totally biodegradable.