Myths & Facts

We believe it is important for customers to know the Myths and Facts on competitors’ claims:

  1. Why do some of our competitors block the washer top chemical compartments?
    Competitors claimed that was done in the best interest of customers but the fact is that by blocking it, customers are limited by choice. We continue to allow customers to make their own decision whether to add their own detergent or softener. Some of you dose in extra detergent and softener for a reason.

  2. Why do we have automatic softener dosing as an option while others do not?
    For a simple reason, not all linen or fabric needs softener. Again, we let customers decide for themselves whether it is good to add softener. By dosing softener as standard, it may not be good for some fabrics. For the same reason, we have ozone water wash as an option so that customers who have fabrics that cannot be subject to hot water sterilizing can choose this cold sterilizing option.

  3. Why have longer wash cycle when 29 minutes is good enough. Is it because of advanced technology?
    Competitors claimed advanced technology in the machines they used and so the wash cycle can be 29 minutes. This is a statement by a novice. The result of wash depends on four factors of Time, Temperature, Chemical and Mechanical Action. Any experienced person in this laundry industry know this as a Wash Wheel.

    By reducing the wash time, it has to be compensated by either adding more chemical or raising the wash temperature. Mechanical action is determined by the washer drum diameter and speed of wash and it is fixed when a washer is selected.

    The truth lies in the wash formulations:

    Wonder Wash Competitors
    No. of washes with detergent 1 wash 1 wash
    No. of washes with detergent 3 rinses 2 rinses
    No. of washes with detergent 39 minutes 29 minutes
    Price per wash 11kg 16kg 20kg 11kg 16kg 20kg
    Normal Cycle $5 $7 $9 $5 $7 $9
    3rd Rinse $0 $0 $0 $2 $2 $3
    Total $5 $7 $9 $7 $9 $12

    We provide 1 wash and 3 rinses as standard with intermediate and final extraction to effectively remove the detergent. With only 2 rinses provided as standard by competitors, there will be residual detergent that stays in the linen which could cause skin irritation.

    To achieve the same dilution and wash result as Wonder Wash, our competitors want you to pay between $2 to $3 for an additional rinse. You may unknowingly end up paying more to achieve the same wash result. Think about the subtle way our competitors pull wool over your eyes with terms like advanced technology but stop short of elaborating what this so called advanced technology is about. There is nothing mystical about the difference in washing technology, any brand of machine still have to obey the law of physics and it is the wash formulation that make a difference in the wash results.